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CSA is an Academy that strives to be the best there is and it is where the best Duelists come from around the world.
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 Cyber Soul Academy - Starter Guide

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PostSubject: Cyber Soul Academy - Starter Guide   Cyber Soul Academy - Starter Guide EmptyThu Oct 24, 2013 6:15 pm

Cyber Soul Academy - Starter Guide Yyhhhh10

Cyber Soul Academy Starter Guide

Welcome to Cyber Soul Academy, it's nice to see you've registered on this site. This is the Starter Guide, which will offer you a bit of insight on how things are in this Academy, what you'll find here, and what you can do. Also our staff will be explained, and the things you can do.

What is this Academy?

Basically, an Academy is a Forum based community, in most cases using Forumotion supported Forums. On these Forums, people have gathered, playing the game Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game. These Academies are run by its staff, being Administrators, Moderators, and usually Teachers and Testers. Also a lot of members tend to be active to both have fun here and contribute to the Forum and its community.

On these forums, people make new friends, learn about the game more, take challenges, join in events, and much more. All these things can be done, and are promoted by the Staff here. We do as much as we can for you, the members, to be able to feel yourself most at home.

What can we do here?

You can do a lot here. First of all, when you join, make sure to make an introduction post. This would give us a quick view of who you are, and what you like. It's just so we can get to know each other better. This is off course not mandatory, which means you don't have to post one. If you prefer to keep personal information to yourself, that's perfectly fine, too. Introductions are to be posted here.

After you've made an Introduction, you can proceed by requesting a Test. Again, this is not a must, but it is preferred you do this. Tests can be requested either over the chat, by asking a Tester, or by posting here.

When both of those are done [or not, depends on what you want], you are ready to start. In the chat you'll find many people, who are also on the Forum, and it is our main use of communication. Whenever a person comes online, we tend to immediately log onto the chat, as if to say "I am here". The chat can be found both at the main page, at the top, or in any other page at your right bottom corner [except when viewing a persons profile]. It's a little box in the corner which pops up when clicked upon.

You can post topics, reply to other topics, challenge people in the Duel Casino, or join Tournaments that are open. Also we have Role Plays, which you can join into. The Duel Casino is more or less the place where you can get money by dueling for it. You wager your points in a duel against somebody who wagers the same amount, and the winner takes all, as they say. The Role Plays are games in which the characters of people interact with each other. These can be both Yu-Gi-Oh! related Role Plays, or Role Play unrelated to the game.

Staff Members

Like said previously in this Guide, this Academy is being run by Staff. These are the people that keep the Forum clean and working. Off course, the members themselves are the key to it, but without staff, everything would be chaos. We have a couple different Staff Positions. I'll name them in a list, with a quick explanation to what they do, and who fills this position.

- Administrators.

These people run the Academy from the inside. They are the beating heart. With access to the Admin Panel, Administrators do most of their work behind the scenes. This includes the adding/removing people from groups, creation/deletion of Sub Forums, promotion/demotion of staff, banning/unbanning of members that break rules or whose punishment has ended and more of the sort.

- Moderators

This group is responsible for the content of the Forum. Topics, posts, Tournaments, the chat, and such things fall under their jurisdiction. They are also able to ban/unban members, but if this was done unjustfully, you can go into higher appeal with an Admin.

- Testers

These people are responsible for the testing of members. They are chosen upon being skilled duelists, and are able to grade the members here well enough. Whenever you require a test, were it your first test or a retest, contact any of these members.


Like any other community, we also have rules. These are not to be broken, and if they are, consequences will follow. If you need to know them, which is important, they are posted here.

So then. With all that said, I hope you'll enjoy your stay here, and that you become a part of our community. Have fun, and try to enjoy yourself. That's what matters most with this game!

-CSA Staff-
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Cyber Soul Academy - Starter Guide
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