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 Skill Drain Rulings and tips

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PostSubject: Skill Drain Rulings and tips   Wed Sep 04, 2013 1:44 pm

Skill Drain decks have always been up and down through the formats. With Heavy Storm now gone I feel that the Skill Drain decks will get a lot stronger and that it would be best for me to post the rulings for it and some cards awesome cards to use in the deck. The rulings for Skill Drain are hard to explain and aren't easy to understand at first due to the fact that the card covers so much ground. So I'm gonna try explain most rulings in the shortest and easiest way possible.

Activate by paying 1000 Life Points. The effects of all face-up monsters on the field are negated while those monsters are face-up on the field (but their effects can still be activated).

- The 1000 lifepoints is a cost and must be paid when activated.

- ANY monster effects that are activated while the card is face-up are negated. That includes flip effects and effects that activate when a card is summond.

- Monster effects that alter a card's attack, level, defence etc. do not apply and are returned to their original. This includes Infernity Avenger, Tragodegia or Fortune Lady Dark.

- Monster effects that are activated in the hand are not negated. Cards like Bujin Yata, Honest or Gentlemander are not negated by Skill Drain.

- Monster effects that summon themselves from the grave are not negated. eg. Level Eater.

-Continuous effects are negated. That also means you cannot negate Skill Drain with Light and Darkness Dragon.

- Monsters like Debris Dragon's effect for synchro summon are not negated as they are conditions.

- Monster effect costs will still apply as their effects can still be activated.

- Malefic and Earthbound monsters are not destroyed when a field spell is removed from the field while Skill Drain is face-up.

- Beast King Barbaros' attack will be the full 3000 when he is summond with Skill Drain face-up.

- If you destroy a monster with Crimson Blader, your opponent still cannot summon or special summon the level 5 monster.

- Spirit cards are not returned to the hand while Skill Drain is face-up

- If Forbidden Chalice is activated then the targeted monster can use its effects until the End Phase.

- Koa'ki Meiru cards are maintenance cost and are not negated by Skill Drain.

Those are the most common rulings I can think of for now. There are ways around Skill Drain but the ones I posted above are the ones you'll most likely encounter. If there are more you think will benefit, feels free to add them to the thread.
Some deck ideas can be great. These are a list of cards that actually benefit from Skill Drain.

- Malefic monsters
- Earthbound monsters
- Beast King Barbaros
- Panther Warrior
- Dark Elf
- Just about any monster that destroys itself when a certain card is not on the field.

Skill Drain will also shutdown a lot of decks so have fun!
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Skill Drain Rulings and tips
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